What is Seattle-Style Teriyaki?

Teriyaki in Seattle is as prevalent as pizza in New York and equally rooted in immigrational history. The Japanese first brought teriyaki to Hawaii and the west coast in the 1920’s, including Seattle. After WWII, when internment camps were closed, Japanese Americans resumed their businesses, which boosted the number of Japanese restaurants in Seattle.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Korean immigration in Seattle increased by over 400% and with limited jobs in the area; many found work in Japanese teriyaki restaurants. In the coming years, Koreans began to take over, open or buy teriyaki restaurants, offering their own spin on the Japanese cuisine, with a more complex range of over 30 spices and ingredients on average, typical of Korean cooking.

The Glaze Twist

“Seriously delicious teriyaki –  in a not-so-serious atmosphere.”
When Seattle native Paul Krug moved to New York several years ago, he realized that something was missing in Manhattan’s culinary landscape – Seattle-style teriyaki. His cravings for the sweet flavors of the Emerald City's street food led to the conceptualization of Glaze which serves seriously good, affordable and good for you Seattle-style teriyaki.

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